Mija at Output: Film Scans by Dash Grey

Went to Output to see my friend Mija play a sunset set. Unfortunately they denied my dslr at the door but I had a backup plan. I was able to sneak in a leica film point and shoot to capture the vibes.... and trust me there were vibes. I've been to plenty of parties, but this was so refreshingly fun if you missed out you should feel bad. Shout out to Mija for throwing down yet another incredible set and causing a vogue off. 

Mija at Webster Hall. 9/4/15 by Dash Grey

When I heard Mija was going to be back in town to kick off her sick af tour I knew I had to hit up the shows. Mija is one of the most talented people I know and always delivers an incredible vibe when she plays. This night at webster was no different. She played such an incredible variety of tracks that had the audience going crazy from beginning to end. There was a wonderful surprise during the night when destructo came out and they went b2b. This is the second time I was fortunate enough to see them play b2b and it was nothing short of epic. Shout out to Mija and her management for once again having me come through to another amazing party. 

Opening set was by Callie Reiff who at 15 is extremely talented. She warmed up the crowd perfectly for Mija. Be on the lookout for her. 

Closing set was by Jackal who kept the vibe going strong. 

Mija at The Greatest Day Ever by Dash Grey

Its always a pleasure to be able to go to one of Mija's shows. Her sets are always filled with high energy and such an amazing mix of music its impossible to not dance and have an amazing time. I was super stoked when I saw that she would be coming to town and I knew I had to go check out the show. Thanks to Mija and her management for letting me come through and snap some photos and vibe out to the music. As usual her set was on point and had the crowd going crazy. A most pit even broke out mid set.... talk about lit. 

Shawn Wasabi at Slake by Dash Grey

On July 11th I went to Slake to hang out with Shawn Wasabi and shoot some photos. He played an excellent set full of energy and excitement. Luca Lush opened up for him which lead to a surprise b2b set between him and Jai Wolf.

LG G4 Test Run by Dash Grey

A big thanks goes out to LG who sent me their new G4 phone to test. This phone has a fully manual camera attached to it which takes mobile photography to a whole new level. I had a blast shooting around NYC with this camera and the images came out excellent for a smartphone. 

WMC with Beatgasm. by Dash Grey

I got invited to hang out with the Beatgasm team at the Beatgasm hotel for Miami Music Week. Needless to say it was a wild weekend filled with amazing music and good times. 

Breakfast at Shake Shack. by Dash Grey

I was invited by Shake Shack to come tour the Dumbo Facility on the morning of 3/15/15 with a bunch of influential instagramers. It was a fun experience to see all the behind the scenes action at Shake Shack and getting to photograph some of the amazing food they have to offer.